Restoration Project


The pub and general merchant area to the front of the building has undergone an extensive restoration. It took a lot of time and effort to get it to this stage. Local customers and ex staff members told us what the pub was like in the mid 1900’s. John Gibbon’s was a great help to us also. His grandfather bought the pub in 1904 and it remained in their family until the 1980’s.

We were told that there was originally an open fireplace in the pub but it had been closed up for approximately 40 years. With the help of a heavy duty demolition hammer we eventually found it. The chimney had collapsed inside so the walls on the first and second floors of the building had to be broke through to clean out the debris and get the chimney going again. It was a very worthwhile part of the project as it is a lovely feature piece on the long cold winter evenings. Old pharmacy cabinets and drawers over 100 years old also feature in the

general merchant’s area of the building. They are very rare indeed!

The old grain store itself is still standing proud at the rear of the beer garden. It was in use until the 1970’s where it was used for the sale of grain, animal feed, flour & fertiliser. Upstairs was a furniture store. A mini railway line that the grain carts were pushed on from the store to the end of the yard are still visible there. We hope to get the old grain store back to good use in the not too distant future!!